Corn Nuts! It’s Heathers: The Musical, a Review

Heathers 1

Red Branch Theatre, of Columbia, Maryland, recently finished its run of Heathers: The Musical; an adaptation of the 1988 cult classic, originally written for the stage by Laurence O’Keefe and Daniel Waters. While maintaining the structural integrity of the source’s… Continue Reading


Suicide Squad Scrutinized

Skull Squad

Manic, in a word, symbolizes Suicide Squad, DC’s third outing in its burgeoning shared Cinematic Universe. Rapid-fire from the start, the movie wastes no time, introducing major characters in quick successive bursts; punctuated by Classic Rock or otherwise upbeat songs,… Continue Reading


The Day He Visited Yellowstone Was The Most Important of His Life, But for Bison It Was Tuesday


Generally speaking, it’s not wise to approach Bison too closely (I always preferred Hadokens and jump kicks). A 62 year old Australian man apparently didn’t get the memo, and while visiting Yellowstone national park today, came face to face with… Continue Reading