It’s Morphin Time, Again! – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers News


It’s been 23 years since the world was first introduced to Saban’s band of super powered teenagers with attitude. And after multiple generations of ever changing thematic teams, Power Rangers are going back to the age of the dinosaur, and focusing… Continue Reading


Shin Godzilla – Reviewed With Guest Rob Bradley


  Toho has brought Godzilla back to theater audiences with the complex and riveting, Shin Godzilla. After the relative success of 2014’s second American reboot, Toho felt it was appropriate to bring the King of the Monsters back from his… Continue Reading


Westworld Ho! “The Original”


  Following a frenzy of fan-fare and viral marketing, HBO’s series re-imagining of Westworld debuted last week to much acclaim. With a star-studded cast, the show’s premiere mirrored many of the motifs of Michael Crichton’s original movie, while expanding on… Continue Reading


Corn Nuts! It’s Heathers: The Musical, a Review

Heathers 1

Red Branch Theatre, of Columbia, Maryland, recently finished its run of Heathers: The Musical; an adaptation of the 1988 cult classic, originally written for the stage by Laurence O’Keefe and Daniel Waters. While maintaining the structural integrity of the source’s… Continue Reading


Suicide Squad Scrutinized

Skull Squad

Manic, in a word, symbolizes Suicide Squad, DC’s third outing in its burgeoning shared Cinematic Universe. Rapid-fire from the start, the movie wastes no time, introducing major characters in quick successive bursts; punctuated by Classic Rock or otherwise upbeat songs,… Continue Reading